Thursday, November 6, 2008

poor excuse

Sorry- in an effort not to mess up NaBloPoMo but still leave work semi-early (I already hit the 40-hour mark, and am no longer "on the clock"), I am leaving a sorry excuse for a post today. But hey, at least I remembered before shutting off the computer. I rarely log on in the evening from home, so it's now or never.

No news today, big or small. I am looking forward to another round of POASing which I can start tomorrow with the cheap-o OPKs. I save the digitals for CD14 and later, or when I get confuddled by the lines on the analog tests. (If it's not digital, it must be analog, right?) Anyhow, I should see a +OPK on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then I'll be off to the MW for another pair of IUIs. I'm not excited, stressed, or anxious this round. It's all old-hat now. I'm saving the excitement for the tail-end of the TWW.

OK- post posted. I can go home now. Night!

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