Friday, November 21, 2008

plans on hold

Well, it looks like I might not be keeping that RE appointment I planned. C was laid off today, not hours after the foreman told him the company had just landed the building portion of the construction job they've been working on. Nothin' like hearing, "Hurray! There's lots of work to do. We'll be busy all winter," at lunch and then being handed your pink slip at 3:20.

If it were just the insurance payments, I'd be OK with continuing uninterrupted. Money is tight, but I wouldn't mind too much if we had to put up to half of our new insurance premium on a credit card. But, C is scheduled for surgery in December, so we'll have all of his co-pays to deal with on top of all the medical bills we accumulated back in July when we were first finding out why we weren't pregnant. I've made payment arrangements with all the providers, but unemployment benefits don't add up to a normal salary, and I budgeted based on our two-income capabilities.

Everyone, please think really hard... snow snow snow snow snow. We need a nice snowy winter around here to keep C (and the plow) busy so we can move on with our baby-making efforts.

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IrishNYC said...

Oh no. :( I know you've already read about my last year of being unemployed. Same date too. At least he's only unemployed.

Snow snow snow!