Monday, November 3, 2008

off on a tangent

And now for something completely irrelevant to the TTC world. Sports bras! Yes, I need some help finding a decent one. Champ*on has a sale going on, with all their sports bras marked down. I usually wear two (I hate jiggling... it's distracting) when I run and play soccer (OK, I don't really run unless I'm on a soccer field), and since both that I usually wear are from Champ*on, I thought I could find a single bra, from Champ*on, to replace the pair. I bought four different ones to try on, and three were instant disappointments. The remaining one I took for a test drive last week, and it failed miserably. I blame it for our loss that night.

Anyhow, the closest I've recently come to a truly supportive sports bra for a full-C is a dreadfull contraption from Ene1l that is labelled the "last resort bra" by the marketing staff at Title IX (sporting apparel purveyor geared exclusively to women). There's no jiggling with this thing on, but it's like wearing a very heavy and extremely tight half-shirt under my shirt. Unless I am sprinting, and enjoying the full benefits of the highly supportive garment, it's very uncomfortable. It squashes the bottom of my rib cage. So, it's good for soccer games that I play in, but I need something a little more comfy for casual pick-up games, working out at the gym, and for chasing kids around when I referee.

Has anyone out there found a great sports bra that they'd like to tell the world about? If I find one, I'll be shouting from the rooftops!


I Believe in Miracles said...

I really like Champion. The bra has a small hole in the back T. It costs like $24 but it's worth every penny.

I hope this cycle works for you. Best of luck!!

That girl said...

Thanks for your comment and encouragement. Very best of luck with the IUI cycle this month. I will be thinking of you.