Monday, November 17, 2008

have stick, will pee

I said I was going to test on the 18th. I still may. Trouble is, there's just no way possible for the results to be positive so early. I don't want to jinx the string of 18s that I have going (donor number ends in 18, it's our 18th cycle of TTC, the date will be the 18th, C was born on an 18th,...) by not testing. But realistically, is there even a remote chance I'll get a BFP? So why would I POAS knowing full well that the results will be not only depressing (yet another BFN), but also meaningless?

I'll probably do it, just for practice. I bought the cheap tests and will still have two left to use at a more reasonable date. I know what the result will be, so seeing just one lonely line won't be a disappointment.

On a completely unrelated side note, I have found my new most-favorite mid-afternoon snack. I take a handfull of frozen mango chunks and a smattering of frozen raspberries and toss them into a container before leaving for work in the morning. I let them sit on the windowsill until about 2:30 and then they're melted just right- still cool, but no longer frozen. The combination of raspberries and mango is amazing. The mango is smooth and sweet. The raspberries are terifically tart. YUM!

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