Friday, June 5, 2009

swinging naturally

It's O-time. I don't know if that's generally a time for mood swings and hypersensitivity, but that certainly describes me over the past couple of days. I'm not sad or depressed, but feel ready to bawl at the drop of a hat. A couple of comments made by co-workers which, in retrospect, were completely innocuous, had me feeling attacked and ambushed yesterday. I don't recall experiencing this mid-cycle moodiness ever before, in either medicated or natural cycles. This is usually how I feel a week or so before AF arrives, but she's not due for at least 14 more days. I'm practicing the mood swings even before I can blame them on lupron. Maybe scheduling delivery with the pharmacy is all it takes to ignite lupron side effects.

So, here we are. The meds will arrive Tuesday, with the obligatory photo to be posted shortly thereafter. Baseline labs are scheduled for Thursday. That's as far as I'm planning. Once Thursday arrives, I can think ahead to Friday. One step at a time this time.

I do have a question for anyone reading who has been through IVF- what's with the gatorade and protein I've seen mentioned in other blogs? My RE hasn't mentioned anything to me about an anti-bloat diet. Can someone fill me in on the details of a special diet around ER/ET? What's its purpose, and what does it include or avoid?

Wishing all a beautiful, rejuvenating weekend.


Anonymous said...

for wh the fertility industry don't want you to know, please see the link >

Peaches said...

I believe it is supposed to help avoid OHSS problems-and for at least two women I know who initially did experience BAD OHSS, they did the high protien and tons o gatorade the second time--and avoided the OHSS...Who knows if it was dumb luck, different protocol, or the diet???So much of IVF is unknown, really...
Good luck!!!