Monday, June 29, 2009

if only my arms were longer

I am at work, leaning back in my desk chair as far as I can and still reach the keyboard. Even with my pants barely zipped, and not at all buttoned (held up by the wonderful BeBand), I wish I could lean further. Horizontal would be really nice. I'm so thick in the middle that I just don't fold in half like I did a few days ago. Luckily, it's still un-summery here in New England, so I was able to wear a long-ish fleece shirt to work. It's loose enough and long enough to camouflage my engorged mid-section.

I'm waiting again. Blood was drawn and an u/s done this morning, so I expect to receive new instructions in a couple of hours. One of the nurses (one who was very uninvolved & distant last cycle) took a quick peek at my ultrasound images and expects me to be back for the same tomorrow. This was in response to my guess that I'd be triggering tonight or tomorrow. She agreed that I'm close, though. This was as engaged as I've seen this particular nurse. Maybe they're all warming up to me because I've been there for 6 months?

C's sister-in-law has agreed again to administer my trigger shot (Thank you!). She's a nurse, and took care of my trigger last time- painlessly, I must add. I know I'm lucky to have her nearby, and willing to be woken in the middle of the night to stick a needle in my butt. I'm sure C could do it if we had no other options, but he'd be nervous and I'm sure it would hurt... both of us.

This is the fast-paced, edge-of-my-seat, manic part of IVF. Monitoring every morning means getting out the door by 6:30am. I haven't slept well since Thursday. Days and nights are blurring together, and the anticipation builds with every "this looks good" that I hear from the nurses (I even got one this morning!). I'm completely unfocused at work, although I did manage to pull off a big A on an accounting exam over the weekend (online). I admit, I'm utterly useless at the moment. I gave the nurses my work number to call today so I'm staying in my office at least until the call comes. Then, I think I will need to go home and try to take a nap.

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