Tuesday, June 30, 2009

waiting again

E2 was 2700+ yesterday. The nurse didn't remember exactly, but she recalled 2700-something. Now I'm waiting for today's call with the next instructions. Will it be adjusted doses and another trip to the office for b/w & u/s, or will I trigger tonight? They usually call between 1:30 and 2:30- I'll be glued to my office during that hour.

I left early for today's appointment and it took half as long to get there as it did yesterday. The u/s tech who took care of me yesterday walked into the waiting room just after I arrived, so I told her I'd followed her advice and there I was, an hour and forty minutes early. She took me right in and I was out of there long before my scheduled appointment should've begun. It was great- so much less stress than riding through full-blown rush-hour, and I made it to work early (which translates into leaving a little early).

I mentioned to the phlebotomist that I couldn't button or zip my pants yesterday. Another nurse overheard and asked me to step on a scale and show her my bloated belly, then informed me that we need to be aware of the potential for hyperstimulation. Apparently, she's not really worried at this point, but she told me to weigh myself when I get home from work, and again tomorrow morning. If I gain 3 pounds in 24 hours or less, call them ASAP. I'm also on the lookout for shortness of breath, actual pain in my abdomen (as opposed to discomfort), and nausea.

Speaking of nausea... I had it in spades last night, but I think it was brought on by the massive headache that developed after work. Dear C ran out to the drugstore for Tylenol (I'd left our only bottle in my office... we're usually an Advil household), and I fell asleep almost as soon as I took it. I feel much better today, and better-rested than I have in nearly a week. I think that's the first I've slept through the night since I started stimming. I'm still mega-bloated, but wearing some seriously oversized drawstring pants and a loose flowy shirt disguises it well and keeps me comfy.

I'll post as soon as I hear today's results.

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Anonymous said...

I am totally having pre trigger nostalgia. I am clearly nuts.