Monday, June 29, 2009

missed call

I'll try to get my numbers when I go back tomorrow for another u/s and more b/w. I was away from my desk when the nurse called, and the message was limited to new doses and tomorrow's re-visit to the office. No trigger tonight. Instead, I drop my Gonal-F dose a smidge...

5u Lupron + 75u Gonal-F- AM
report to the RE at 7:50 for b/w & u/s
37.5u Gonal-F- PM

5u Lupron + 75u Gonal-F- AM
report at 8:40 for b/w & u/s

Today's u/s tech suggested I show up mega-early when I have a "later" appointment. I'm not a fan of rush-hour traffic, so I'll heed the tech's advice. We'll see if that works tomorrow, or if I end up sitting in the waiting room for an hour.

Sitting at a desk is becoming increasingly uncomfortable as the day progresses. I may have to wear sweats tomorrow.

1 comment:

mekate said...

gosh darn, that sounds uncomfortable-- and hope tomorrow is magical with your early arrival and that you trigger and move on to the next phase--
where belly expansion means all good things!

hang in there, I'm pulling for you.