Friday, June 12, 2009

And so it begins

Injecting oneself isn't quite like riding a bicycle, but it only took about 3 minutes of shaking hands and repeated utterings of "You can do this. You really can do this," to get that first dose of lupron into my belly. The needle's a little bigger than the Gonal-F pen (29 gauge instead of 30), so there was some resistance at first in puncturing the skin. The needle itself did not hurt. Injecting the lupron didn't hurt either. But about 15 seconds after withdrawing the needle, I felt a slight burning/stinging sensation at the injection site. Two hours later, it's still there. Faint, but noticeable.

No ultrasound yesterday. I have a terrible memory (that's why I write everything down, which makes people think my memory is remarkable when really I'm just reading my notes), and it'd been three weeks since I had spoken to a nurse, so I just plain forgot what I was there for yesterday. Bloodwork. That's all. The verdict- I definitely ovulated, so the low-dose lupron protocol began this morning. 10units lupron daily, at the same time every morning, then call them on my next CD1.

Does lupron affect cycle length? I'm big on thinking one step ahead. When someone's co-piloting for me, I always want to know what to do next as soon as I've begun the preceding step. Even if the next turn isn't for another 100 miles, I want to know now if it'll be a left or a right. So, I want to have some idea when AF will make her appearance. Normally, I'd expect her next Thursday or Friday. But on lupron, will she keep the same schedule?

I'm cautiously excited. It feels great to be DOING something again.


IrishNYC said...

I've got everything crossed for you! Two other IF bloggers I follow have gotten BFPs in the last few weeks, so I'd love to see you complete the trifecta! Good luck!

Crista said...

I start my lupron in a couple of weeks for my 2nd IVF. Last year they told me to put an ice pack on the spot for a couple of minutes before injecting. I don't recall any stinging, just coldness. Maybe something to try?

BB said...

Just wanted to wish you good luck with your IVF cycle. {HUGS}