Sunday, June 28, 2009


5u Lupron + 225u Gonal-F- AM
187.5u Gonal-F- PM

5u Lupron + 150u Gonal-F- AM
report to the RE at 7:30 am for b/w & u/s.
[E2=1757; 12 measurable follies: Left=8 measurable + "many" smaller follies; two biggest are 18x10 & 14x14; Right=4 measurable + "lots" of smaller follies; two biggest are 16x13 & 16x11]
150u Gonal-F- PM

5u Lupron + 75u Gonal-F- AM
report to the RE at 7:50 for b/w & u/s

It's happening well and fast. The nurses staffing the office this weekend are on rotation from the affiliated hospital, instead of the usual taciturn nursing staff. The nurse who called this afternoon with my results and new instructions began the conversation with, "Holy canoli!" then gave me my numbers and counts. She was incredibly encouraging and sounded like she genuinely cares how this all plays out. Such a contrast to the feeling I get from the RE's regular staff, who appear to go out of their way to remain detached and uninvolved.

So, another trip to the RE tomorrow. I can't wait to see what has changed in one day, and I'm very eager to find out when to trigger. It won't be too long now. Go follies, go!


'Murgdan' said...

Yep! Go follies Go! Getting close!

sprogblogger said...

Hurrah! Go follies, go!

Melissa said...

how exciting!! I can't wait to hear tomorrow's results.

mekate said...

amazing numbers!
You sure are stimming beautifully!
good luck tomorrow and
it sure sounds like all is progressing nicely.
wow, holy canoli indeed!


IrishNYC said...

Go go go! I want you to take my place in this prego line!

That girl said...

Sounds like the follies are going great! Good luck.

Parenthood For Me said...

It is so nice when the medical staff sound like they have a geniune vested interest in your case. Good luck to you.