Friday, June 26, 2009

order up!

Unsolicited call from one of the RE's nurses today. That essentially never happens, so I was afraid something had gone wrong- but how could it when they haven't seen me, my blood, or my ovaries since giving me the all-clear on Monday? It turned out they wanted to share information. Critical information. Information that might have led to a completely useless cycle had they not decided to share it with me.

I was instructed to order the donor sperm TODAY. For delivery Monday. To the HOSPITAL. Now, they've emphasized again and again that DS needs to be shipped to me because they're not equipped to store it. Presumably, the hospital is equipped, while the satellite clinic is not. Good to know. Also, another nurse told me on Monday that I could have the DS shipped to the hospital, but only if it arrived within 24 hours of the ER. At this point (CD6 or Lupron day 15 for those keeping track), no one is willing even to guess when ER will happen. DS is good in the shipping tank for 5 days. So even though no one has seen me since I started stimming, and no one has any more information than they did on Monday, they suddenly know that ER will happen between Monday and Wednesday? And they still won't "predict" that ER will occur between Monday and Wednesday?

Then again, maybe the hospital has cryo-facilities so shelf-life in a portable tank isn't an issue.

Hopefully, someone will tell me tomorrow to expect ER to be some time between Monday and Wednesday. Otherwise, I will worry.

My other worry- no one gave me the hospital's address, and I forgot to ask for it until I was on the phone with the bank. I pulled it off the hospital's web site, but then called the RE's office to confirm I had the right address- left a voicemail, but no one called me back and they all leave at 3:30. Aaargghh! I was feeling so good, and so calm. Now I have new things to worry about.


Astrid said...

Bummer! Isn't this always the case with these places? There's no telling what moves them to communicate with us or not to or to offer up random insights (or readings of tarot cards) or to keep them a secret. I feel like I could singlehandedly take over management at my medical facility (ALL OFFICES COMBINED) and do a much better job.

Fat Chick said...

I've had to deal with a couple of sperm banks in my day. My advice? Get the sperm to a local cryobank. Check at the university hospitals, or even at any big local (meaning within a 4 hour drive) hospital, and buy extra vials. That way you save on shipping, and if you decide you need more vials 10 years from now, you'll have them.

Oh, and if the bank is dragging their feet? It always helps to cry.


mekate said...

ok, ok, first-- good that you know what you know--glad they called, gosh-- it is good that they did but dang. Wish you had that info sooner.

Don't worry, I have faith that you will know where to go and when-- good luck next week- I everything goes well,


Anonymous said...

Whoa, sounds like the ball was dropped by your RE's office! I hope all the particulars work out, and double-hope you get a retrieval next week!!

Sabrina ICLW

Nina said...

If I didn't have stress, I wouldn't know how to live. We just can't seem to catch a break, can we. Found you on ICLW! Good luck with this cycle!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

So sorry that you suddenly have a new batch of things to worry about. (as if this journey wasn't hard enough, right?) I hope everything gets cleared up ASAP for you and you are good to go next week!