Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the protocol today is...

Starting on the evening of CD2, my new protocol became:

5 units Lupron in the AM
225 units Gonal-F in the AM
225 units Gonal-F in the PM

I'll follow this until at least Saturday morning, when I go in for more bloodwork. I couldn't wrangle any hint of a timeline from the nurse who called me yesterday, although she did say we'd have some idea of how this will progress once they have the results of Saturday's b/w. I scheduled a vacation for the week following the 4th of July, which I expect to coincide with the first half of the TWW. I haven't told my supervisor that I may also need a day off some time next week for the ER. I'm sick of people knowing my business and would like to keep everyone at work (including my mother) ignorant of what's going on.

Speaking of mothers... my nephew is coming to stay with my parents for a few weeks. Knowing that I'm taking a week off, and since I said I wasn't going anywhere and had no "big" plans for the week, my mother has begun campaigning for me to take my nephew for a day or two. Sure, I love the kid. But I'm going to have to invent some "plans" so I can be a recluse during my vacation. Maybe I'll just have to "visit" my old friend and college roomie in NJ. I hate lying- it's simply wrong, and I'm lousy at it. But if I'm cornered, I'll do it.

At least my mother hasn't asked me if I might be pregnant in the last couple of months, even though I did call in sick to work one day with an evil headache and dizziness. No, she doesn't know this blog exists. No, she never will.


sassy said...

I've totally had to set boundaries with my mother during this whole infertility deal as well. It sucks that it has to be like that, but sometimes you just don't have a choice.

Anyway, here's hoping to a wonderful cycle for you!

Peaches said...

Sounds like you are moving right along in your cycle=and keeping your mom in the dark at the same time...I would say nicely done but I know it's hard to juggle that for long :)
Good luck with b/w on Saturday!

Invivo said...

Good luck with the shots and composing your escape route for some alone time!

You really need to take care of yourself that way! Mkay?

Lorza said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comments! So you got married on the beach too? So did we! LOVED IT!! :) Good luck with your cycle this month. I will send some good thoughts your way!!!

~Jess said...

I hate lying too, but sometimes it really is the only way to protect yourself.

Hang in there...hopefully you won't have to lie too much.