Thursday, May 28, 2009

counting the days

* 366 days since we lost C's mom.

* 14 days until my next trip to the RE, for u/s & b/w.

* 15 days until the lupron begins (assuming u/s and b/w are normal).

* 16 days until C's cousin's wedding- hoping for no lupron side-effects to ruin the day.

* 19 days until our second wedding anniversary, the second anniversary of the start of our babymaking efforts.

* 21 days until the first birthday for my friend B's baby S. When she told me she thought she was pregnant in October 2007, I thought I might have been too. And now her daughter will be one year old and my children haven't even been conceived.

* 23 days until the next visit from AF. The last for a long while? We hope so.

* 27 days until stimming begins.

* 38 days until hcg trigger (estimated).

* 40 days until ER (my guess).

* 43 days until ET (theoretically).

* 54 days until I can hardly resist the urge to pee on a stick.

* 57 days until C turns 43. Beta day? Maybe... except that it's a Saturday, so...

* 59 days until beta (if we're very very lucky).

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