Thursday, July 16, 2009

we knew, and now the RE does too

Hcg is 103 today. I am definitely pregnant. I go back for another on Monday, by which time it should be over 412, if my math is correct... doubling every 48-hours or less, so in 4 days it should double at least twice, right? It's a little more real now, and I'm planning to spend the weekend reveling in being pregnant, but I know Monday's results can make or break us. It's still so incredibly early.

No more little blue pills (estrace)! Yippee!
Crinone continues... yuck. But worth it!

Still no real "symptoms" of pregnancy. No change in appetite or food preferences. Maybe a little thirstier, but since this is the first week that has even come close to resembling "summer" around here, the thirst may be more weather-induced than biological. I might be a little sleepier than usual, but that's hard to gauge. I get goosebumps every few minutes- but that's because I keep reminding myself that, for the moment at least, I AM PREGNANT !


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!

Elise said...

Congratulations! I have been really thirsty too, I thought it was just me but maybe it is a pregnancy thing.

Sprogblogger said...


Melissa said...

I'm so incredibly happy for you!!

Nic said...

OMG, so exciting!! So happy for you, congratulations!!!

mekate said...

Great news and a great first beta!
So very very happy for you!


IrishNYC said...

Shout it, girl! YOU ARE PREGNANT!

I'm so freaking happy for you!