Sunday, July 12, 2009

7dp3dt- negative

I bought a 3-pack of HPTs. I decided I have nothing to prove to anyone by not POAS, so why the heck not. Today's was negative, but since it's still fairly early, I can take that with a grain of salt. It's by no means a BFN- I consider it simply evidence that the trigger is definitely out of my system, so a BFP on some future date can be celebrated without question. Besides, if we pay any attention to the accuracy statement on the package, we can't trust anything it says today, roughly 10 days before CD1. It's only 53% accurate 4 days before CD1!

Geez, now that I think about it, this really is a blatant waste of money. My beta is Thursday, 6 days before expected CD1, and the HPT isn't supposed to be used until 4 days before. I'll already have my answer by the time the HPT is more than 50% accurate. It's still fun though... maybe I'll use one on Wednesday, preemptively, and then if I get a positive beta, I'll use the last one next week. There's got to be some satisfaction in finally seeing that second line, even if it's already known. I really want to see a second line.

Obviously, HPTs were not designed for the IF community, although I'm pretty sure we're their biggest customers. Do they really think any of us could wait until a missed period to test? Besides, with all the drugs we've taken, how the heck do we know when AF is supposed to make her next appearance?

I won't post photos of negative pee-sticks, but if I get a BFP, even after a positive beta, you can bet it'll be here for all to see. We could all use some proof that those things tell the truth once in a while.

Oh, before I forget- the bloating has nearly disappeared, although it was pretty fierce on Friday night when I squeezed into non-elastic/non-drawstring pants and went out for a nice dinner with some friends. Today, I can actually suck in my stomach for the first time in more than two weeks. There's still a definite bulge front and center, but that might be because I haven't done anything active in nearly a month. I return to work tomorrow, after taking a week's vacation post-transfer, and it's good to know I can wear my normal clothes and avoid speculation from coworkers. If they ask, I'll tell them (truthfully) that I bought C some gourmet cupcakes for his birthday and we've been eating them dilligently so they'll be gone before they're stale.

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mekate said...

hey there,
I am hoping you'll get a nice big positive pee stick, blood test, whatever!
I pee on sticks too early too-- it's my thing, I cannot help myself, so I totally get that.
and yes, the trigger is out, and the next positive you get (SOON) will mean all good things.

glad your bloating is better, but I am not surprised your midsection is still different than usual, it has been through a lot!

take care and happy cupcakes,