Monday, July 6, 2009

a little look-see

Eeeny, meeny, miney, moe plus one for... luck?

I don't know which is which, but there should be three 8-cell, one 7-cell, and one 4-cell. I'm just hoping something sticks. I'm laying low today- did a little laundry, but otherwise haven't moved far from the couch. I'm already 3/4 of the way through the 2-liters of fluid that Dr. A recommended. The one great thing about IVF (aside from the higher success rate) is that the TWW is actually only 11 days, counting from ET. I'm already seriously tempted to pick up some pee-sticks so I can start using them on Sunday, 10DPO, aka 8DP3DT. Evil, evil pee sticks. I like to think I know my body pretty well by now, that I'll be able to tell definitively if I'm pregnant or not, but I know I'm delusional in that respect. I should still steer clear of pee sticks and just wait for the REAL answer on the 16th. I don't know if my will is strong enough though.
The BLOAT continues. Only shorts and pants that are normally several sizes too big fit today. I feel like a whale and don't really want to go out in public. This morning, I thought I'd shrunk a little, and I may have but just because I got up to pee 4 times last night. By the time I'd taken today's meds (2nd-to-last doxycycline pill plus three tiny estraces), washed down by a large glass of water, I was feeling as engorged as I did yesterday. My weight still hasn't changed, and my belly is still soft, so nothing to worry about there aside from embarassment. I feel OK- no residual pain from the ER, just huge and a little fragile- like I might pop.


'Murgdan' said...

So pretty. :-)

Melissa said...

It's so amazing to think what those little things have the potential to become. Fingers crossed for you.

IrishNYC said...

Hi lovies! Keep growing!