Saturday, July 25, 2009

no symptoms here

Still no symptoms. I remain bloated- not as badly as the week after ET, and I can "fit" into all my regular clothes, but pants that used to require a belt stay up on their own. And the pants that didn't need a belt are uncomfortably tight. I don't believe that has anything to do with being pregnant. It's more likely lingering bloat from OHSS.

We've remained faithful to not telling anyone but our two closest couple-friends and C's father, and one friend of mine who lives three states away. I feel like a fraud for even telling them, since I still have nothing but a couple of blood tests and a handful of two-lined pee-sticks as evidence. Nine more days until our first u/s. That should make it more real, assuming everything looks OK.

Well, maybe I do have one symptom. I've been very sleepy lately. As soon as I sit down on the couch after dinner, my eyelids succomb to gravity and I struggle to keep them open. Doesn't matter what time it happens to be... 7:00, 8:30... that's it, I'm done for the night. I also find myself sleeping on my side a lot, instead of on my back as is my norm. And I desperately want to nap at around 10:00am and 1:00pm at work.

I had a baby dream the other night. Someone gave me two babies, both boys, to take care of for a few days. The boys were very dissimilar in appearance- one being very dark, with an olive complexion and dark eyes and hair, while the other was very light. They were given to me in swinglike contraptions, a confusing array of straps and buckles that provided a handle of sorts with which to carry the boys around. I could sling one over each shoulder, like purses. And I could hang them from hooks on the door when I needed my hands free for something else. They were angelic little guys, never crying, but looked at me with confusion in their eyes as if to ask why they were with me and not with whomever had cared for them before. I don't put much stock in dreams, but it was interesting.

I learned this week that our donor bears a resemblence to Kevin Love, Matthew Modine, and Michael Rappaport. That's a new feature on the sperm bank's web site. Interesting. I don't really see similarities among the three, so I guess the donor shares a feature or two with each.


mekate said...

8 more days and I am hoping it will be just perfectly perfect and you can exhale. I cannot believe how many two week waits are really buit into this whole babymaking process. And to think of folks who just do this by accident! think of the fun they miss, the anticipation, the anxiety, and angst.
thinking of you and wishing you all good things this week-- tired is a good thing, a definite symptom. Let yourself believe it if you can.


Eileen said...

Sorry that you are still bloated. I hope that the wait for your ultrasound goes quickly for you. Can't wait to see your ultrasound pics!!!