Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm more bloated than yesterday, but I lost three pounds and I feel a bit better. There's still a lot of cramping, but I plan to medicate with a heating pad and lots of rest rather than narcotics. Again, I'm no martyr- if this gets truly painful, I won't hesitate to reach for the Tylenol-3. I want a clear head. I have a big decision to make, and less than 5 hours in which to make it.

Today is a holiday, so the RE's office is only open for monitoring. I may call and ask if they can do anything that would give me more information to base my decision on. But then I remember what yesterday's RE said about OHSS symptoms not flaring up until days after ET. I went to bed last night convinced that freezing them all is the right thing to do. But now, I'm feeling better and I'm not so sure.

I need to know, if they freeze all the fertilized eggs (assuming some fertilize- I know that's not a certainty either), how do they decide which ones to thaw for FET? Can they thaw them all and see how they grow and then freeze any viable ones we don't use? Or, can a poor little embie be frozen only once in its tiny life? Why is it better to freeze them right after fertilization instead of growing them for 5-6 days, as is generally done in a fresh ET that results in extra viable embies? Should I get my E2 measured today, and would that number help cement my decision one way or another?

That's it- I'm calling the RE. The worst they can do is tell me they can't do anything that will make the decision any easier.

Fert report expected by 11 am today, at which time some decision has to be made. If we decide to continue toward a 3DT, we can still change our minds.


IrishNYC said...

I haven't read in a couple of days, but WOW! I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy. I'm so excited for your possibilities here, B! I do think your embies can only be frozen once, as I think it would be too stressful to refreeze and thaw again. I didn't get far in my IVF research, but I know from friends that 5DTs can also be done, so maybe that's why it's good to freeze at 3 days, then if you need to do another transfer that gives them a day or two after thawing to make sure they'll do their thing? I don't really know, but it sounds good, right?

I hope you can get some answers that will make your decision easier, and I hope this is it!

Melissa said...

I can't imagine how tough this decision is. I hope the RE was able to give you some information that makes you decision a little easier.