Monday, February 2, 2009

just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean it's right

The headaches never seem to end, and I am just about convinced we need to find me a new RE. Oh joy of joys, C started working on Friday. Hurray, right? This is just the luck we were hoping for in 2009, isn't it?

The RE requires that, for all IUIs, the partner drops off the sperm sample. This might make sense when the partner is also responsible for producing said sample. But when the paternal genetic material arrives via FedEx, why does it matter who delivers it to the RE's office on the morning of an IUI? C started working on Friday. I expect to ovulate on Wednesday. I bemoaned their policy last week, when I was in for a CD10 blood draw, but C was unemployed at the time and the conflict wasn't threatening this cycle (which, of course, will be THE cycle... the one that works, so we won't have to worry about any cycle after this one, right?). In fact, that's the response I got from the nurse, "We'll just have to get you pregnant before he goes back to work."

Well, he's working, albeit temporarily, and I'm not pregnant yet. And when I ask about the policy, I get the old argument, "We require the same of everyone. Even a lesbian woman's partner has to drop off the sperm for an insem. We have clients who are fireman, teachers, police officers- people who have to be to work earlier than the doctor's office opens. They all have to adhere to this rule too." Honestly, I don't care about them. They usually have vacation time or sick time at their disposal. They don't jeopardize their employment by taking a couple of hours off. We could handle the smaller paycheck if all this took was missing an hour or two of work, but if C isn't there, a crew of 5 union employees sits and waits. He won't be employed long if that happens. His current gig is as a contractor, but he's hoping that they'll hire him for real when the construction season swings into gear. Missing a few hours, especially the critical first hour or two of the day, could blacklist him with this company and others.

We'll do it if we have to. Is this another test to see if we "really" want to have kids- as apparently we had to prove to the social worker? Do they want to see just how much we're willing to sacrifice? If they have a valid reason, I won't quibble. But I really don't understand what their rule accomplishes.

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IrishNYC said...

That's really unbelievable and entirely inflexible of them. I would have been in nearly the same boat as you. DH does have the luxury of taking an hour here and there, but he's forbidden on certain days from coming in late. Of course one of my IUIs ended up on one of those days, but he did his job, and per the clinic's instructions, I drove there with his goods in my pocket. DH would have had disciplinary action had he not shown up at work that morning.

If it were easy to do, I would change REs if I were you. But, I know it's not that easy once you get started.