Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm such a sucker.

I wasted my last pee-stick this morning. I don't expect AF until Thursday or Friday, so according to the instructions, a test this morning was only 53% accurate at best. But for some reason, maybe because it was early and I was still half-asleep and needed to pee and worried about wasting FMU,... Yeah, I used up my last HPT. And, to no one's surprise, it was negative.

I am NOT buying any more HPTs. AF will either start or not. If not, I go to the RE for a beta on Friday or Monday, depending on which nurse's instructions I choose to follow. If AF arrives, I'll make an appointment to discuss with the RE what comes next.

I'm still concerned about the whole heart rate issue. I did some more research online over the weekend and couldn't find a single mention of the effect of my heart rate on my fertility. I'm skeptical, but I'd really like to find some actual proof that nurse TMI is wrong. I am working at job #2 tonight and will try to take it easy as much as I reasonably can. I could understand keeping my HR within the same range as when I'm not TTC, but 130 BPM is really really low, and so arbitrary. I mean, isn't 130 BPM completely different for a sedentary person as compared with someone who's regularly active? And as I mentioned, I've known plenty of women who became and remained pregnant while actively participating in a competitive soccer league. True, they weren't 40 years old, but I should think that age would affect egg quality not so much the ability to conceive.

What do I know. I pee on sticks when I know the results won't count.

- spotting on Saturday morning, 9DPO;
- moderate cramping/tugging sensations in the abdominal area woke me up Friday night;
- oddly positive mood since 6DPO, with a tendancy to melt into tears with the slightest provocation.

It's likely nothing.


IrishNYC said...

If I had a dollar of every pee stick I wasted...

I've never heard about heartrate either, and neither has anyone I asked who have also had issues. I think it's bunk.

Nic said...

Why do we do it to ourselves, POAS too early! I have been there so many times!

Melissa said...

Been there, done that. I've now somehow become a non-POASer. Fingers crossed for you all your symptoms look really promising.