Thursday, February 12, 2009

learning my beat

One of the nurses told me a few weeks ago that when TTC, I should not allow my heart rate to exceed 130 beats per minute. I've tried to measure my HR on the equipment at my gym, but I don't trust the results. Half the time, I get an error message because I'm not gripping the sensors properly. The rest of the time, my HR seems to jump from 165 one minute to 34 the next. I don't know what my resting rate is, so how will I know what 130 BPM feels like? My second job involves a bit of running, and I love to play soccer, but I don't know what my HR is during those activities. Have I been sabotaging my TTC efforts?

So, I bought a heart rate monitor. As I sit here typing, I am back and forth between 78 and 84 BPM. I am working at the 2nd job tonight and plan to wear the HRM there too. I'm only working an hour, so if it turns out to be uncomfortable or too bulky I won't be inconvenienced for long. I'm dreading it, though, because what if my slow-jog HR is over 130? Ignorance was bliss. I played soccer on Monday, and worked on Tuesday night and figured as long as I wasn't out of breath and my heart wasn't pounding in my chest, I must have been OK. I'm afraid I'll learn that I need to give up the second job until after we get pregnant and have a baby, and then a sibling for baby #1. Egad! That could mean years of not doing what I love, which coincidentally earns just enough to pay for most of my extra insurance coverage. And no playing soccer! Wow... aside from when I had knee surgery in my early 20's, I've played continuously for almost 34 years. I can't bring myself to run unless I'm chasing a soccer ball, or chasing kids chasing a soccer ball. My fitness level will likely suffer. Not that it wouldn't be worth it, mind you. I guess I could to the gym more often and just take it slow and easy.

I hope I don't have to add soccer to the list of things I've given up in pursuit of parenthood.

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