Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's odd. I noticed this week that there are at least three other women out there in blogland who are on the same calendar as I am this cycle. We're all CD29 today. The others were all stronger than I and resisted the urge to POAS longer than I did (unless they did it and didn't 'fess up publicly). Yesterday's BFN might be fact, or it might be a symptom of excessively-early testing. I'm suspecting it's fact, though, as the usual preamble to AF's arrival has definitely begun. Instead of scheduling a beta, I'll be scheduling a consult with the RE to determine where we go from here.

Skeptical as I am, I still have a shred of hope that I'm misreading my body and AF won't arrive at all this week. But, realistically, I see that as a very distant possibility.

Anyhow, it's interesting to see how many TTCers shared a common CD1 this go-round. It's kind of like the synchronizing of cycles that happens among co-workers or teammates or close friends who spend a lot of time together. And I feel encouraged by it, as if we're playing the odds and buying a load of lotto tickets together in the hopes that at least one will be a winner. And even if I'm not the winner this cycle, it's been great sharing the cycle with these other women. Go us!


Melissa said...

Go us indeed! I'm hoping that you are a winner this cycle. I've enjoyed being there right along with you this cycle.

Nic said...

Enjoyed cycling with you as well. Sadly I got a BFN and AF today. Lets hope you now get a BFP to even things out!