Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And so it goes

IUI #5, part 1 completed. FF decided that I ovulate today, and the OPK turned positive last night. I'm never sure if I should record that as yesterday or today, but it really doesn't matter. My BBT hasn't risen yet, so I'm certain ovulation didn't happen yesterday. If it's today, then this morning's IUI should cover the window of opportunity. Another IUI tomorrow will cover the rest of the window. I'll have my informal, POAS results around Valentine's Day. Maybe a day or two later.

Not much to say about the IUI itself. I was the only patient in the waiting room with a big box o'dad. Everyone else's paternal genetic material was in a human package. I signed all kinds of forms and left the cryo-tank with the nurse. I reported back just over an hour later for the procedure, identified the specimen three times (once on paper, once by looking at the vial, and once by comfirming donor traits), zip-bam-boom and it was done. Lucky #18 is a very good donor... 33 million swimmers in the tiny vial today. Thank you, Mr. 18! Tiny bit of cramping when the cannula went through the cervix, but otherwise utterly painless. The midwives had me relax, lying down, for 20-30 minutes after an IUI. The RE's nurse gave me just under 15. I doubt it makes a difference, but it made me wonder. I recently watched The Big Lebowski, so I pulled my knees to my chest and rolled slowly from side to side just for the hell of it. Can't hurt, right? Tomorrow, I'll bring the iPod and listen to the lullabies play list I've been compiling since C proposed and I started picturing our children. One of these days, I'll post the list and ask for suggestions.

Yesterday's snow cooperated fairly well. C was called in to plow when he was on his way home from work. He dashed in, fed the dog while the truck warmed up, and ran back out again. The roads weren't all that bad, so I brought him some dinner and coffee on his route. He'll be one sleepy camper today, though. He returned home just before midnight, then got up at 5 to start another working day. Everything did work out just fine- we even have a notary in the family. I'm still feeling very positive about 2009. One month down, 11 to go, and January was pretty darned good.

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