Friday, January 30, 2009

Good to go!

Thursday, what a day. I think I spent about 5 hours in the car, 2 hours in waiting rooms, and 3 hours involved in actual medical stuff. First, it was up to the RE's office for the second piece of the clomid challenge, the CD10 bloodwork. 70 minutes up, then 35 minutes back to my office to get some work done. The phone rang at 10:15... RE's office letting me know that last week's mammogram results had been received, but included a request for "additional views." The RE won't sign an authorization for insurance coverage of donor sperm until I have the all-clear on the mammogram. So, panicked phone call to the diagnostic imaging center and I wrangled an 11:45 appointment. Bear in mind that I also had a 3:00 HSG scheduled, in the big city hospital 70 miles away from the mammographer.

So, I ditch work ("Sorry, boss-woman, but due to a medical miscommunication, I need to leave at 10:45 instead of 1:30 today."). Another 50 minutes in the car and I arrive at the imaging center. Much very painful smushing ensued, followed by a lengthy wait while the on-site doctor reviewed the images. All-clear, good-to-go, letter in hand, I hit the road again at 1:20 and met C at a rest area so he could drive me in for the HSG. I was a nervous wreck already and didn't want to deal with traffic and parking on top of the stress of the procedure. I was convinced we'd be late, but the traffic gods smiled (momentarily) and we arrived right on time.

The HSG deserves its own post, so I'll discuss those details later. Not because I want to recount them, but because the information might be useful to someone else. For now, suffice it to say that the HSG wasn't the horror I expected but I hope never to repeat it. I did get to see the dye going in and through everything, which was pretty cool. The doctor and radiologist reviewed the image with me afterwards and said my tubes and uterus are exactly as they should be, all clear. I retrieved C from the waiting room and we headed out to face rush hour.

It took us, no exaggeration, 45 minutes to get out of the parking garage. Another 20 minutes to get to the highway, about 4 miles away. When we reached the HOV lane, though, it was smooth sailing all the way home. We agreed that we deserved a reward after a pretty rough day- stopped at BK for that angry onion concoction that's been advertised the last few weeks. Mmm, mmm... hot! Very tasty, but now that I've had one, I think my fast food urge is sated for the next few months, at least.

So, aside from the mileage and stress, yesterday was extremely productive and all the remaining pieces of the puzzle have been completed. I faxed the mammo results to my RE this morning, then they called with yesterday's blood work results. Everything checks out, and the authorizations should go out later this morning so I can place my order this afternoon (2PM cut-off for same-day shipping!) and plan on a double-dose of IUIs in the middle of next week. It's all covered by my insurance! I can't believe how lucky I am in that respect. And lucky too with respect to my health- everything is a-ok. The only explanation for not being pregnant via donor-IUI is my age and the usual odds.

That's comforting in a way. I think it bodes well for how a pregnancy will progress once we do conceive. My body is functioning well in every way that they've tested. Next step, POAS, look for the smiley face (I don't like the uncertainty of comparing lines, so I've gone digital), and make a date with lucky #18. Hello, TWW... I'm coming back!

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IrishNYC said...

Yay for you! Great attitude. I'll have my fingers and everything else crossed for you for the next few weeks. I hope it works, and your pregnancy is easy sailing after struggling to get there.