Monday, February 9, 2009

Interminable TWW

I'm trying to stay busy and distracted, but all I'm really doing is ticking off the days until I might reasonably POAS. I have one test left from last fall and I'm not buying any more. Even if this cycle doesn't take, there's really no need to spend money on the little torture devices. Unlike ovulation, I don't need to know with pinpoint accuracy the moment my hormone levels shift. I want to know, of course. But I think it just exaggerates the waiting when I might test too early, on purpose, just so I don't have to believe a BFN. Instead, I am PUPO as far as I'm concerned. Pregnancies are measured from LMP, so by that rule I am 3 weeks along. I'll revel in that thought and push rationality aside for now. Maybe I won't POAS at all... at least not until the day of a blood test, so I am forewarned.

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Nic said...

This is a frustrating time!! All I am doing is either waiting to POAS or a visit from AF!! We need to find things to distract ourselves!!