Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to solicit suggestions for my lullabies play list. I'm planning to make a CD with all of these (and more) songs which I'll take with me to the delivery and also to play for the baby as s/he drifts off to sleep. As I mentioned, I've been working on this list since C proposed and I started imagining our children with his sparkling blue eyes.

So here it is, my lullabies list. This isn't a list of songs I love, or even of songs I love that are peaceful. These each contain some kind of nugget that speaks to parenting or childhood or the joy of bringing life into the world. If you know of any songs that would fit this idea, please let me know. The list is pretty short, considering how long I've been thinking about it. I'm sure I'll be more aggressive in seeking out appropriate additions once I see a BFP.

David Wilcox “This Old Car”
Don White “I Know What Love Is”
Dar Williams “The One Who Knows”
Bruce Cockburn “Somebody Touched Me”
Patty Griffin “Heavenly Day”
Luka Bloom- “Thank You for Bringing Me Here”
Susie Burke & David Surette- “All My Life”
Billy Bragg- “I Keep Faith”
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole- “Over the Rainbow”
Cheryl Wheeler- “Gandhi, Buddha”
Joni Mitchell- “The Circle Game”
Meshell Ndegeocello- “Beautiful”
Neal & Leandra- “Rich”
Chris DeBurgh- “for Rosanna”
Garnet Rogers- “Oh How Happy You Have Made Me”
Greg Brown- “I carry your heart with me”
Paul Simon- “Father and Daughter”
Elvis Costello- “My Three Sons”

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