Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A load was lifted from me this morning. I headed to the RE's office again this morning for another blood draw and ultrasound. I asked the phlebotomist if she could point out where I am supposed to inject the Hcg and she declared that the trigger shot for an IUI is subcutaneous, not intramuscular. Hurray!

There's still a chance that this might turn into an IVF cycle. Seven measurable follicles, all of similar size raises the risk of conceiving high order multiples as a result of an uncontrolled IUI. Then again, insurance may not see this as a "glass half full" scenario and could deny coverage for an IVF at this time. In which case, we're as good as cancelled. We can swing the price of the extra insurance, but not the cost of an IVF. Especially when we know that an insurance-covered IVF is on the horizon, just one more OI/IUI cycle away if we need it.

I don't know when the decision will be made, but I hope it's soon. It's not the prospect of undergoing IVF that has me tense; it's the not knowing what we're doing.

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