Friday, April 24, 2009

layin' low

Well, the staff at the RE's office didn't think an unmedicated IUI cycle was a good idea. Not for medical reasons. Medically-speaking, they were pretty supportive. Getting insurance approval for anything this cycle would negate all previous approvals, and there may not be enough time after a BFN to obtain an approval for whatever we're doing next. So, my choice is between doing an unmedicated IUI this cycle and taking the next one off OR taking this cycle off in preparation for whatever the REs all recommend for my next active effort. Either way, I'd have to endure an inactive cycle. Doing nothing today translates into doing something with a higher success rate sooner than if I do the littlest bit of something now.

And because I am an (unwilling) optimist, I must point out that I think we've moved a month ahead of where I thought we'd be by now. Originally, my insurer announced the requirement of two OI/IUI cycles before progressing to IVF. All of the nurses I've spoken with since my blood draw on Monday (all three of them) have implied that my next cycle will somehow involve IVF. One nurse specifically mentioned that once I'm approved for a procedure, insurance typically will not approve a lesser treatment. So instead of beginning my second OI/IUI, which would have been followed by a month break before moving on to an intentional IVF, I may be skipping the OI/IUI to move straight into IVF. I'm a month ahead of schedule.

The pessimist in me feels the need to point out that if an unmedicated IUI cycle would have resulted in a BFP then I will end up at least a month behind in the grand scheme of things. The sun is shining and the forecast calls for a beautiful warm weekend, so I'm ignoring pessi-me.

As for proceding with an unmedicated cycle without insurance approval- we can't afford it. Sperm costs over $1,000 (including shipping). IUI's with the midwives that I frequented last fall cost $225 apiece, and they're the cheapest around. Plus, because the clandestine IUI might not succeed, I'll still have to shell out $485 for May insurance. C just went to work last week, so we're still recovering from his winter lay-off. We just don't have the extra cash.

So, I wait. And this weekend will be perfect for enjoying a nice cold beer on the patio. [silly optimist]


Nic said...

I am sorry that you are on a break. We shall be on a break together but for different reasons. It is so frustrating but I keep thinking of the positives. We can enjoy wine, soft cheese and lots of pointless sex! It wil be worth it in the long run when we end up with our baby. Happy break! Hope it goes quickly.

Just Caz said...

Although it really sucks that your on a break.
I am so hoping that you enjoy your cold beer and that very soon you are back on the wagon and onto your BFP

X Caragh

Grade A said...

I'm looking forward to the promised summer-like weather as well. I hope it warms your heart and distracts you from your wait.

IrishNYC said...

I'm sorry you have to take a break. Insurance companies are so damn stupid.

Hope you enjoyed your beer and the lovely weekend!

mekate said...

All your decisions make total sense, sorry if I sounded pushy about the IUI- and I love your term "pessi-me" and I am all for optimism! Hope your weekend was one where you could relax and I wish you all the best as you gear up for your next cycle.