Monday, April 20, 2009

who needs a blood test?

Saturday's pee-stick didn't produce a second line either. My body is dropping hints left and right to let me know I am certainly not pregnant. I'm beginning to worry that waiting until tomorrow to get the official word might put the next cycle in jeopardy because we won't be able to get the prescriptions in time. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if tomorrow turns out to be CD2. Then again, I came to work prepared for the onslaught of CD1, and we all know AF prefers to surprise us with her arrival. She'll probably lay low until I forget to be prepared.

Before any real panic sets in with respect to starting another cycle, I remember that I still have a few partial pens of gonal-f, plus one full pen in the refrigerator (buried under some cold cuts so no one would stumble across it at Easter). I suspect we'll go back to an OI/IUI plan, but with a smaller dose than last time.

I'm in complete agreement with Melissa about dropping the BBT habit. It has been pure bliss to wake without worry; to go back to sleep unconcerned when I wake inexplicably at 3 am. I haven't even logged onto FF in 5 days. I wasn't sure what to enter for non-BBT days on such a closely monitored cycle. Ovulation was purely intentional and forced, so I didn't even use an OPK. I kind of like these monitored/medicated cycles... as long as I remember to take all the right drugs at the right times, there's no stress at all!

Funny- the RE's office just called to tell me they'd expected me in this morning for a beta. I have it in writing on two different instruction lists from the IVF procedure that I was scheduled for a 4/21 test. I could have had my definitive answer today. And with the holiday, traffic would have been a breeze this morning. Oh, well.

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