Friday, April 3, 2009

11 on CD11

Retrieval today went without a hitch and 11 eggs are now exposed to sperm. Tomorrow afternoon, they'll let us know how many fertilized. On Sunday, they'll tell us what time we should report for Monday's transfer.

C is incredibly optimistic this cycle, repeatedly saying, "Everything is moving along like clockwork," and things like that. I am optimistic, too. But I have to bite my tongue every time he quips something like that. My instinct is to tell him that everything was like clockwork for each of our failed IUI cycles, too. I have no more and no less hope for this cycle than any other. Except maybe the first one, when I thought our only hurdle was getting our hands on some sperm. I thought sperm was our magic bullet. I think C believes IVF is.

Anyhow, things look good so far. Eleven eggs on a converted OI/IUI cycle is more than I hoped for. The embryologist said the norm is about 70% fertilization, but he's seen everything from 0 to 100. I'm just hoping that we have something to transfer. A couple to freeze would be gravy. But for the moment, my focus on on the transfer.

Recovery-wise, I feel pretty good. A bit sluggish bloated and crampy, but otherwise normal.

Oh, and the hcg shot? Well, I am incredibly grateful that my husband has a sister-in-law who happens to be a nurse and who didn't mind me showing up in her kitchen at 1:15 am.

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Melissa said...

So exciting! Can't wait to hear the numbers. Sending positive thoughts.