Friday, April 17, 2009

rien, nada, zilch, nothing

I P'dOAS yesterday, at 10Dp3dt. Nothing. C doesn't know I used my last pee stick yesterday and need to buy more. I promised him I'd POAS on Saturday.

I insert the crinone every morning, as instructed. I take my 3 estrace pills every morning and again each night. Notable and common side effects include symptoms similar to early pregnancy. I feel nothing.

I have nothing to say. I want to think of nothing until the beta on Tuesday.

I tried to break the news, or the beginning of the news, to C last night. He's still optimistic, though, which is making this even harder. I'm convinced that when I POAS tomorrow,

I'll see



Melissa said...

I can only imagine that the emotions, hopes and fears are only amplified when you move on too IVF. I hope tomorrow brings you other news that what you are predicting. ((Hugs))

Nic said...

We all know its not over untill AF shows her ugly face so there is still hope! Hope saturdays brings good news.

That girl said...

Don't give up hope yet. I thought it was all over when I saw the dreaded spotting, and it was still fine! Also, am 9wks preg and have hardly any symptoms, so don't worry about lack of them at this stage. Take care.

Peaches said...

I'm pulling for ya that tomorrow's test will suprise the heck right out of you...and C will be thrilled with your tough resolve to wait :)