Thursday, April 9, 2009

CD17, 3dp3dt

The bloating is pretty much gone now, and I am back to my usual belt notch. I slept straight through each of the last two nights after more than a week of discomfort- and anxiety-induced insomnia. The doxycycline and medrol are gone, so I'm down to just estrace and crinone every day. I feel pretty normal now.

I've had a couple of odd dreams, now that I'm sleeping enough to dream. Last night's was in a bus or train station. Everyone else was running around, late for a ride to NYC. I was barefoot, but unconcerned and early for a trip to Boston. The fare was $1 and the cashier was demanding that at least part of the fare be paid in change, which made absolutely no sense. Rather than argue with her, I smugly handed her two quarters and a dollar bill. Of course, she had to give the quarters back to me. She thanked me for using change, and I laughed to myself at how easy it is to please irrational people. There was more to it, but I don't remember the rest. Mostly, I recall feeling calm, collected and in control amidst a crowd of anxious and panicky people.

The next challenge will be to decide on an appropriate date for a HPT. I'm leaning toward Saturday, 4/18, CD26, 12dp3dt.

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