Thursday, April 23, 2009

I wish I knew

I think too much. I am well aware of this, and struggle constantly to balance thought with action. I even have a tattoo to remind me to keep this and other sorts of balance in my life. At the same time, I don't handle "breaks" like this cycle well. I want to DO something. We're not in a situation where we might get pregnant "by accident" while on this break. The only sperm in our lives arrives frozen, and there's no romance involved in introducing it to my insides. I've heard about other people who got knocked up the old fashioned way or even through an unmedicated IUI during a break after a failed IVF. If they can do it, shouldn't I at least give it a shot? After all, my eggs and ovaries aren't getting any younger.

So, I called the RE's office today and left a message. I asked if the RE might authorize, and submit to insurance for approval, an unmedicated IUI cycle while we plan what to do next. If I were an insurance company, I'd cover it. It's a relatively small gamble that might keep them from shelling out $15,000 for a June IVF (if that's our next step). Sure, if it works they will probably get one less monthly payment from me, but they'd still come out ahead. Or at least not so far behind.* I have a history of getting my money's worth out of my health insurance.

I don't know what to expect from this cycle. Just how messed up is my system from the gonal-f, hcg, estrace, and crinone? Will I ovulate normally on my own? I realize it may take a month, or even longer, to return to "normal." But I might resume my usual cycling immediately. Why assume the worst? I'm eager to hear what the RE has to say. If I wait until my 5/7 appointment, I'll miss ovulation by a day or two. I'm hoping she'll see me sooner... maybe next week so I can stop thinking and start acting.

*For anyone who lives in MA and whose employer-sponsored insurance is exempt from the state's mandate to cover IF treatments- Sign on for my kind of health insurance ASAP, before I drive them bankrupt. Just this year, I have given them less than $2,000, and paid my $1,000 deductible. In return, I've received more than $20,000 in services. I don't think they'll be in business long if they keep this up, but I am unspeakably grateful for their help.


mekate said...

I paid for the IUIs myself and they usually cost about 500-- it might be worth doing 'anyway" even if your insurance can't be brought on line fast enough. if you are up for a cycle, I'd say go for it! Truly.

I agree with you so completely, I always feel better when I have something to do-- good luck and I hope you can get that IUI!

Melissa said...

All of our expenses are out of pocket and at our OBGYNs office it's $170 per IUI and at the RE it's $350 (just to give you a range). I say go for it.

If you do end up taking a break I'll be here to keep you company. I'm waiting for a calling from the RE telling me to break for a month :(

Good luck with your decision!

IrishNYC said...

I hope they approve it. What do they have to lose?