Wednesday, February 3, 2010

holy monitoring, Batman!

33-ish week appoontment with the OB yesterday (making my way through all the staff in the practice so they're all familiar before the BIG day), and she gave me another 'A' for weight, blood sugar, and anything else she could look for in a fast, 10-minute appointment. I can't fault her for the quickie. I was supposed to have reported to another office at 8AM to meet the other OB (the male OB... oh, dread), but I screwed up and went to the wrong office and they were kind enough to squeeze me in. I'll meet Mr. OB in about 4 weeks. My next visit is in the third of their locations, with MW#2. Then, I think I'll have met everyone and can go back to original MW#1.

Anyhow, thanks to the GD, Ms. OB has signed me up for bi-weekly non-stress tests (NST) and weekly biophysical profiles (BPP) from now until Ishkabibble's birthday. I can see how the last bit of pregnancy can fly by. I'll be in one office or another for some medical thing 3-4 times a week for rest of my pregnancy. I don't object at all- last night's first NST was actually quite nice, and since it's at the hospital where Ishka will be birthed I'll have the chance to get really familiar with the Birth Center nurses and rooms. Coincidentally, I was considering going over for another tour, since a few questions have come up since my first visit. Now, I get a private audience with the nurse who hooks me up for the NST twice each week, AND when my usual MW is "on," she'll come and chat with me, as happened last night.

The NST itself was simply 40 minutes spent lying on a fairly comfy hospital bed with two monitors strapped to my belly- one for Ishka's heart rate and one to monitor contractions (in hypnobirthing, we call them "surges."). It was enlightening to see Ishka's heart rate change and hear squawking from the doppler even with movements that I couldn't feel. I also learned that I am having Braxton-Hicks contractions. I haven't felt them yet, but I could see them clearly on the print-out. All-in-all, a nice relaxing event, and since it's at the Birth Center, which by necessity is open 24/7, I can go on my way home from work. I like convenience.

BPPs are scheduled at the near-work office of my MW/OB practice, every Thursday. My first is tomorrow, so I don't know from experience what to expect, but my research leads me to expect an ultrasound during which 5 categories are checked- fetal tone, amniotic fluid level, fetal activity, practice breathing, and... I forget the last one. I think heart rate might be it. Ishka gets a score of 0 or 2 for each one, and a total of 8 or 10 is good. I'm just happy to get the chance to SEE my little one every week from here on out. Maybe I'll get some more great pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I am still working on the home computer issue- hoping to get it taken care of by this weekend so I can start our taxes. AND scan images of Ishka's face... I must share. It's so incredibly beautiful!

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IrishNYC said...

I loved getting those extra peeks at B before she was here. Those kicks and tumbles that you can hear and not feel are so amazing. I cannot wait to "meet" Ishka! You're so close!