Monday, February 15, 2010


C tried until the bitter end to keep it somewhat of a surprise, telling me that we were just going to his brother's house on Saturday to have spaghetti with his aunt and some of his nieces and nephews. He had implied a few times that the shower I'd been crying about not having would be on Valentine's Day, Sunday, and that Saturday was "just spaghetti lunch." I made cookies, since it's always nice to bring a little something when someone invites you over for a meal.

But then I was getting dressed and I asked him, "I bought a new shirt. Should I wear it today or tomorrow?" He tried to continue the ruse- "Wear it today, but don't spill anything on it."

The driveway was full and a few cars had been parked along the street. My mother's car was tucked in behind a mini-van and an SUV, presumably so I wouldn't notice it. No one yelled "surprise" when I walked in, but there were balloons and a mountain of gifts and lots of smiling friends and family who greeted us as we walked in. C and Ishka and I were showered with good wishes and love and delicious food and gifts. This baby will want for nothing with friends and family like ours around.

The cake came from the bakery that made our wedding cake (holy mackerel that was good cake!). Our niece, daughter of the hostess, took photos the entire afternoon and will give us the gift of a shower photo album once she's had a chance to print the pictures. Our youngest niece and our great-niece (ages 5 and nearly-4) helped us unwrap presents. C stayed for the whole shower, and we didn't play any silly games... we're kind of old for those, I think, and our family and friends are mostly beyond that too. It was a wondeful afternoon of good food, great company, and incredible generosity. We've fallen into a nice generational break- the youngest child in the family, our great-niece M, is approaching 4 already so everyone is excited at the prospect of a new baby in the family. And M wants the baby to be born on her birthday, which happens to be just 9 days before our due date so it could work out that way. We have nearly everything on our registry, and enough duplicate items to exchange for most of the necessities we don't have. Hooded towels are VERY popular (and so incredibly cute!). And rubber duckies.
It was a beautiful afternoon, and I am so thankful for the family and friends that I have. We're planning to take our hostess and her husband (C's SIL and brother) out to dinner to thank them for the shower. And then I have to tackle the montain of gifts and send out Thank You cards before Ishkabibble arrives. And pick up the furniture. And put it together. And deep-clean the carpet in the baby's room. And hang the framed watercolors (did I mention I had them framed? Got them back Friday... so cute!). And sew crib sheets. And pick up the bassinette. And hang the mobile.
So much to do, and so little time! Only 5 1/2 weeks to go. C asked yesterday if we couldn't just get the baby out already because he wants to hold his son/daughter NOW!


Lisa said...

Yay! Pictures of B and C! You look great!

I'm so happy you had your shower. It sounds like it was everything you wanted. And the fact that they tried to surprise you is so sweet. (You know, I spoiled my husband's proposal (twice) by whining about him not proposing when I was hoping he would. We can be so silly, huh?) :)

BB said...

Yippie... I am so happy for you! You are a few days away from 35/35!!!

IrishNYC said...

Congratulations! You and C look so cute and happy!