Tuesday, January 26, 2010

31w4d- nearly 4 pounds

C and I went in for an ultrasound yesterday to get an estimated fetal weight, primarily to make sure the GD isn't affecting Ishkabibble's size, but also just to get another look at our little one. The official estimate was 3 pounds 15 ounces, so we're perfectly on-target with no size issues so far. But the big news is... we saw Ishka's FACE! Not a profile, "oh, look at that lovely jaw-line" kind of image. This was a full frontal face shot, and the u/s tech was kind enough to print that one out for us to take home, along with an image of Ishka's right foot (I think) and a few classic profiles. All are a wonder to behold, but the FACE... wow. If our home computer were working, I'd scan the image and share it, but the harddrive bit the dust a couple of weeks ago and since we're relying on the generosity of friends to retrieve all our files, it's taking a while to fix it. I will be sure to scan it as soon as we have a working computer at home again.

Mind you, it's the low-tech 2-D image, not the fancy-shmancy 3- or 4-D version. Had we oodles of money to burn (or maybe if C hadn't been laid off so early last Fall), I might have splurged on a 4-D u/s photo-shoot. Apparently, that's becoming quite the business- you can buy a CD with a full 10 minutes' or more worth of your baby's still and motion ultrasound images set to music for some amount of money. I love the idea, but I think it would end up stashed away along with our wedding photos... rarely looked at and kind of neglected. I'm holding out for the real deal... the huggable, squeezable baby I can wrap in my arms. Soon. Just over 8 weeks left to go, and all is still well.


Melissa said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a good ultrasound. Can't wait to see that little face!!

Lisa said...

I look forward to the day you can scan the u/s for us! Glad to hear everything is going well and Ishka is growing as s/he should. So did your RhoGAM shot hurt? Geez, that needle was huge!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're on track to have that baby in your arms in just a short while. SO happy for you!

mekate said...

So glad for your "right on target" growth and OH! A Face!
I am so happy for you! That must be the coolest thing. There is a Person in there!

I am all about the real deal. So very happy for you!
nearly 4 pounds. Wow. that;s a roasting chicken.
almost a bag of flour.
that, my dear, is a ishkababy!


IrishNYC said...

I can't wait!