Wednesday, January 14, 2009

one more thing about the social worker

I mentioned to the social worker that, in addition to reading a few books, consulting with the RE and the MWs from my IUIs, I have been reading blogs posted by women also dealing with IF. Her response, "Be careful!"

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be careful of, and I really don't care. I ignored her comment. I said nothing in response and let her move on to some other subject. I let her act like the one in-the-know, with pearls of wisdom to impart. And as soon as I had the chance, back to blog-land I went.

I would be lost without the wit and wisdom of the blogging IF community. I'd have run out of hope and optimism a while back if not for the successes I've "met." I would be ill-prepared for the joy and pain of this journey. I don't care what some social worker says. I'm happy in this community, and I intend to stay. And I am NOT being careful.

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That girl said...

B, for what its worth, my IVF counsellor thinks that blogging in general is a good idea. Helps to get our feelings out and as you say, the thoughts and experience of everyone else is invaluable. She always asks me how the blog is going when I see her. Good luck with your first IVF cycle.