Monday, January 19, 2009

I must be having "fun"

Time has sped up. It dragged in December, when we weren't doing anything related to IF. Now that we're back on track and newly under the guidance of an RE, time has accelerated dramatically. I have a long list of hoops to jump through if we're not to waste the clomid-spiked eggs this cycle, and it's possible there may be more that I haven't been told about yet. I really don't like it when I am required to do something, but no one tells me ahead of time.

The RE insisted I (or maybe it was "We;" I'm not sure so I dragged C along) speak with a social worker. Done.

The RE required that C have several blood tests done, including such things as HIV, type, and HepC. Done- results for most of the tests should be ready for C to pick up tomorrow morning. I'm still not entirely sure why these were necessary. The sperm bank thoroughly documents donor testing, and if C were to infect me with something, wouldn't it have happened already?

The RE requires that I/we (which is it? I'm not sure, so I'm taking C with me) meet with her staff nurses and bring along our donor information. Our apointment is tomorrow, and I printed all the info we have on "lucky" #18. I hope they don't think they have any right to reject our selection. Do you know how many Rh-, CMV-, blue-eyed caucasian donors there are? Very few. And then if you narrow further by looking for an Open donor with confirmed pregnancies and a healthy family history... well, there's only one "lucky" #18. Why would I need their approval on *MY* donor selection anyhow?

The RE wants my "records" from the MW office. I called ans asked for those weeks ago, but they told me I really had no record. There's just a list of dates when I showed up for IUIs. But, my word (and my receips/cancelled checks) are not evidence enough that we've gone through 4 IUI cycles already, so tomorrow I must remember to call the MW office and insist that their meagre record of my existence is needed. They're closed today for MLK Jr. day.

The RE requires I undergo an HSG before progressing on to any procedures at all. I'll schedule that this week- as soon as AF shows up. I'm worried I may not have the results in time to place the order for donor sperm and have it here before I ovulate.

The RE requires I do the clomid challenge before we move on to any procedures. I filled the prescription already and am just waiting for CD1 so I can have some blood drawn and get started. So, in addition to tomorrow's trip to meet with the nurses, I'll be back in the RE's office on Thursday or Friday for a blood draw. The second draw will be on CD10... again, I am concerned that we may not have the results in time for me to place the order so the donor sperm is here before I ovulate. On Clomid, I ovulated on CD16, but I'd want the sperm here two days early, just in case I ovulate early, so I'd need to place the order by CD12, at the latest.

It's really the time crunch between blood draw #2 and ovulation that has me worried. And even though that's close to two weeks away, I feel a sense of urgency about getting all the other stuff done. I'm concerned there may be more requirements that no one has mentioned yet. And I am not willing to skip this cycle because-
1. I'll be taking Clomid. Why deal with the side effects and then let the resulting eggs go to waste?
2. Health insurance that covers all this IF stuff is costing me nearly $500/month. Yes, it's far less expensive than paying out-of-pocket, but C is still laid off and our finances aren't in the greatest shape after going it alone, IF-wise, last fall. And we still have to pay the deductible. If we can do anything that might result in a pregnancy this month, I want to do it. Once I'm safely pregnant, I can drop the second insurance (I still have my original insurance to fall back on.).
3. I'll be 41 in just two more months. The ticking of my biological clock is nearly deafening. I just don't have the patience to do "nothing" for a whole cycle when it's not necessary.

Wow- long post today. There's a lot on my mind. I'm also looking for a fertility buddha, a pocket-sized elephant, and some moonstone and rose quartz beads. It can't hurt to surround myself with items that promote fertility, right?

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IrishNYC said...

Do everything you can to help give you that confidence boost your fertility needs! The RE experience is no fun - all a bunch of "hurry up and wait" and doing things at the last minute. It can be exhausting. I know I don't know you, but if you have any RE related questions, feel free to email me off-blog. Good luck, and think baby thoughts!