Monday, February 13, 2012

still inside

I honestly feel like I am about to split. Maggie sits a lot more forward in me than Charlotte did. Charlotte was tucked up under my ribs, which meant some serious rib pain when I lay on my left side and she'd literally kick the inside of my rib cage. I joked that she came out so quickly because she had my ribs to push off of. Maggie is completely out front, not tucked in anywhere. I have an all new set of stretch marks as a result, which I don't care about except that they ITCH and my abdomen is otherwise fairly numb.

We're in the home stretch now. If nothing happens today, we'll be at the hospital first-thing tomorrow morning. I'll post before we leave for the hospital, whether that's for the AROM or before. Any positive natural labor vibes you can send our way are greatly appreciated. I dread being induced, by any means.

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mekate said...

Thinking of you Sweet B.
Home stretch indeed!

I'll be sending all the vibes I can for Maggie to come tonight, on your terms.
with love,