Monday, February 6, 2012

as pregnant as one can be

I don't know if I gained weight overnight or if Maggie just shifted, but today ALL of my maternity clothes are snug. Yesterday, they were still somewhat roomy, the way I like to wear my clothes. The belly doesn't look any lower, but I can feel something-sometimes pressure and sometimes just a presence- just above my pubic bone. I believe she's dropped a bit, and I am hoping like mad that she's about ready to make her way out. I am soooo done with being pregnant. This is how I felt when I told my boss on a Friday that my maternity leave would start the following Monday, whether Charlotte had arrived or not. And Charlotte was born less than 72 hours later.

NST tomorrow. Hoping not to need it.

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BB said...

You are 2 days away from your official EDD! Good Luck! Next post I hope is baby news! :)