Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3 am. No, nothing's happening

Well, I AM having a contraction right now, but it's not a "real" one. I just can't sleep. I did yet another load of laundry. Every time I wear something, I think that I won't get to wear it again until after Maggie is here. Then I do another load of laundry and, ta-da! I can wear it again, and she still isn't here. I also need to make sure all Charlotte's clothes are clean, since she's suddenly too big for so many things that I considered staples just a week ago. She tells me they're too small by saying, "Too tight, Mommy! Too big!" At first, I thought she was telling me some clothes were too big, but now I understand she was referring to herself as too big for the clothes. She often follows that statement with, "Save for Maggie."

Tonight, Charlotte woke up crying 3 hours after going to bed. She almost never wakes up in the middle of the night, and even when she does, she's usually pretty quiet and goes back to sleep after rearranging her blankets. So, when I heard the crying, I picked her up and held her. She calmed down immediately and then asked to see Maggie. She stood in front of me while I sat in the glider, lifted my shirt and started talking to her baby sister- "Hi, Maggie. Birthday soon? Charlotte hug and kiss Maggie." She patted my belly, gave it a kiss, and pulled my shirt back down. And looked me in the eye and said, "Charlotte eat some food now. Yes!" I was hoping she sensed something I hadn't, that maybe Maggie was plotting her exit. But here we are 4 hours later and I'm awake only because I decided to throw another load of laundry in the dryer.

Speaking of which, the dryer just buzzed. I'll try sleeping now. I should be able to squeeze in about 4 hours of shut-eye before Charlotte wakes up for the day.


mekate said...

Wet laundry in the washer will probably work better B-- that and the full moon tonight!
Hoping for you that Maggie comes soon, gently, happily, healthily--
thinking of you nearly full time

mekate said...

baby baby baby????
thinking of you

mekate said...

Oh oh oh oh oh! Methinks you must be having MAGGIE since you are not online!
Cannot wait to hear you are all ok, and so very very excited for you!