Wednesday, February 8, 2012

punctual? I hope so

Well, here we are just minutes away from the DUE DATE. Nothing is happening. I'm delaying going to bed because sleep only lasts a couple of hours at a time. C has a cold, likely caught from Charlotte (who still has a slightly runny nose but is otherwise A-OK), so he's snoring. I can sometimes sleep through snoring, but I can't fall asleep with it. I'm debating drinking yet another cup of raspberry leaf tea before turning in. Might take another evening primrose capsule too, or go for a brisk walk. Or all three. But it's dark and cold outside, so I'll stick with the tea and capsule.

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday which I am still hopeful not to require. My pen ran out of ink when I was writing it on my calendar. I took that as a sign that I wouldn't need it. I've been drinking raspberry leaf tea and taking evening primrose capsules for 5 days now and have nothing to show for it. My prayer at this moment is that Maggie is just being a perfectionist- we've been saying since May that she's expected to arrive February ninth, so maybe she's just hanging back until we flip the page.

I haven't been doing all the walking I did while prgenant with Charlotte. For one thing, I'm not working so I don't have a "lunch hour" or set schedule to plan around. It's also kind of tough to take a real walk with a toddler who insists on walking "all by yourself" all the time... until you're half a mile from home and she wants me to "carry you (she hasn't got her pronouns straight yet... she calls herself "you")." She may be small for her age, but when Charlotte's 23-ish pounds are combined with the 50 I've put on with Maggie, my walk isn't anything remotely close to brisk. I need to just hand her off to C and go walking, but that's easier said than done. I'll make more of an effort tomorrow. I need to get this labor started. I'm pretty tired of being pregnant AND I am getting more and more worried about induction as we approach the medically-prescribed deadline.

Well, it's after midnight, so officially Maggie's due date. Here's hoping she makes her appearance today. If I may put in my request, I'll take labor starting around 8am, with a baby in my arms by noon please. Thanks!

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