Friday, February 17, 2012

recovering & learning Maggie

We're still in the hospital. After a c-section, insurance will cover 4 days' stay and I am still quite hobbled so I'm going to take whatever is available. The incision itself isn't too bad, except when I cough, laugh, or sneeze. My back aches from sitting around too much in unsupportive chairs, and possibly from the spinal too, so I have a hard time standing upright. I'm also ridiculously inflated. My belly is so full of air that it resonates like a drum when tapped on. I try to spend a decent amount of time walking around to help move the air out, but it's difficult and a bit painful. I have yet to see the incision- it's well below the inflated belly which blocks my view.

Maggie is turning out to be a fantastic nursling. She had no trouble latching from day one, even though we were advised to supplement a couple of times in her first 24 hours to keep her blood sugar from plummeting. C really liked having the chance to feed her the two bottles that she had, but I was a little disappointed and worried about the problems that could have resulted. But, everything is fine now. I think my milk is starting to come in already. Maggie wakes on her own every 2-3 hours to nurse, and manages to continue sucking even when she falls asleep mid-meal.

I'll write a bit about her birth story later, but want to mention now that the c-section was not the result of induction. My first thought when the midwives starting breaking the news to me that a c-section was be necessary was that I had fallen into the cascade of interventions that I've read so much about. In fact, being induced and having my water broken under controlled and closely monitored conditions may have saved Maggie's life. I cringe and cry when I think of what could have happened if my water had broken at home and I'd waited for labor to "start" before seeking medical care. Tuesday was a frightening and emotional day that I will never forget. I've experienced the two extremes of childbirth, and I'm glad this one didn't come first or there may not have been a second.


Sprogblogger said...

So glad she's here safe--and what a little doll! And yeah, 'convenience' c-sections get so much press that sometimes it's easy to almost forget what a wonderful, life-saving procedure this is for many of us.

And yeah. The 'inflation' is the worst. I had very little pain from my c-section but the gas pain? I wanted to cry. Walking does help, even though it hurts. And yeah, take what you can get as far as hospital help goes!

Thinking of you and glad you're through it, safely.

Lisa said...

Sounds like Maggie already has a guardian angel watching over her. I hope you start to feel better and less inflated soon!

tireegal68 said...

I came over from Kate's blog to wish you congratulations. Maggie sounds delightful. I had a problem with my baby girls birth that ended quite quickly and relievedly in c section or it would have been bad. I am so grateful for the c section. The gas is absolutely awful - I agree. I hope you feel less bloated and more mobile soon.

IrishNYC said...

That is just the sweetest picture! I'm so happy for you!

My emergency c/s is a big part of why we didn't/aren't actively trying for number 2. I hope your recovery goes well. My hospital gave Mylicon to help expel the gas. it worked wonders!

mekate said...

Healing from a C section is a wild ride of bloat, mylecon and colace... move as much as you can comfortably, but sleep sleep sleep as much as you can too. If you need to, supplement Maggie with a syringe and feedline while you nurse, that way you get the stimulation at the same time. Sometimes the c section can delay milk coming in. I hope yours is in and ready to go!

I'll say it over and over, I am just so glad/relieved that you are both safe.

With love to you,

BB said...

Precious! Your daughters are so pretty! Congratulations again... I hope you are out and about soon!