Monday, January 4, 2010

28w4d- oh, fudge!

I rang out the old year by taking the 1-hour glucose tolerance test and getting my rhogam shot. Do I know how to celebrate or what? Anyhow, neither was a big deal. The sugary drink was essentially slightly concentrated orange gatorade. It wasn't nearly the volume that I'd feared, and easily went down in two big gulps. The rhogam shot was a piece of cake- it was an IM shot, in the upper arm, and I didn't feel a thing. Then I had to sit around for 15 minutes, presumably to make sure I suffered no ill effects.

Because of the holiday, I was not able to get the GTT results until today. I failed. A "normal" result is below 140, and I was 170. I haven't consulted with Dr. Google yet to see if anything can be surmised from this number, but I've been asked to call the hospital's lab this afternoon to schedule the 3-hour test. According to my research, only about a third of the women who "fail" the 1-hour test actually develop gestational diabetes, so I'm taking some comfort from that. I refuse to worry until I have something to worry about. I'm wondering if all the cookies and fudge and other yummy treats that have been amply available during the holidays contributed to my elevated number.

Ishkabibble is doing well, as far as I can tell. Each time I settle in for a movement counting session, Ishka seems to drift off to sleep but reliably wakes up after a 30-45 minute nap to jab and kick and roll all over the place. My MW told me to expect ten in under 2 hours, but I've never had to wait more than an hour to count ten movements. Of course, whenever C is nearby, Ishka dozes. As soon as he walks away, the wild rumpus resumes.

Third trimester issues have begun to set in- I sleep only 4-5 hours at a stretch (I'll think that's heavenly in a few more months) before waking up with a back ache or sore knees and hips, or the need to pee. Getting back to sleep is sometimes impossible, sometimes a breeze. I suspect afternoon naps will soon become a regular feature of my days. Ishka has found my bladder twice in the last several days and either danced on it and used it as a punching bag (I wish I could tell the difference). Bladder capacity is at an all-time low, while mid-winter dry-air thirst is up. I'm getting quite round, and it looks to me like 95% of this pregnant shape is in front of me. I may have gotten a little wider, but most of my expansion is front and center.

Note to folks who'll reach this stage after me... Your doc or MW will ask you to pee in a (ridiculously small) cup at the beginning of each visit. At first, it's easy. By about week 27, I could no longer see what I was aiming for. From here on out, I am bringing a bigger target, a paper cup from home. You may want to consider doing the same. I think those doctors' office pee cups were designed by men.

So, it's a new year. I hope THIS is the year that BFPs abound and dreams are fulfilled. I hope we all manage to learn from the past, but look forward to the blank slate that is 2010. The possibilities are endless!


Lisa said...

Hopefully the 3 hour test will provide better results! I hear ya on the sleep issues. It doesn't seem like I had nearly as long of a pee-free honeymoon as I expected. I usually way up around 4am every night again, just like throughout the first tri. And my hips! Ugh, but I already complained about that. :)

Good luck with your next GTT!

IrishNYC said...

Oh no! I hope that you pass the 3 hour test.

Bridey always dozed when the hubby was around, too. I think he only felt her a handful of times.

sarah said...

From what I can tell from my extensive observation of pregnancy via blog, it doesn't seem to really matter what you eat, sometimes you just get GD.

IrishNYC said...

To expand on what Sarah said regarding GD: It didn't matter what I ate, I had GD. My hormones caused my glucose levels to surge overnight, and I'd wake up well above the post-meal threshold of 120. Towards the end of the day as my hormone levels changed and whatever causes GD decreased, I could eat more carbs and not worry too much.

If you do turn out to have the dreaded GD, I'll have plenty of tips for you!