Tuesday, January 12, 2010

worry? Why worry?

Today is my sixth full day of blood sugar testing. I had some relatively high numbers over the weekend, so I contacted the nutritionist who told me to see my OB/MW. I managed to squeeze in an appointment yesterday afternoon, where I met the OB in charge of the office where my MW practices. She's a bit brusque, but seemed open to questions and discussion in a quick, no-nonsense sort of way. She claims that the "acceptable" glucose numbers provided by the nutritionist are on the low side, and that anything under 140 mg/dL is perfectly fine at one hour past mealtime. And she thinks the ketone testing is frivolous as long as I'm eating something shortly after waking each day. I'll continue testing, but won't worry unless I get a result higher than "trace."

So, I was worried yesterday, but now I'm semi-convinced that I have nothing to worry about. And we have an u/s scheduled for the 25th the estimate fetal weight. Hurray for another look at Ishkabibble! Even C is excited. And I made up a delicious, super healthy sourdough bread recipe over the weekend that cooperates nicely with my glucose meter- C's fear that bread would be banished from our house has been put to rest. The whole GD thing seems to be going well, although I'm hesitant to go out to eat because who-knows-what's in those delicious, professionally-prepared meals. A weekend trip to Panera will be preceeded by a little net-searching and menu planning. But staying on-track isn't all that tough. I just pay more attention than I used to. This will pay off post-pregnancy, when I want to lose the weight I've accumulated, and then some.

Speaking of weight, I did not gain a thing since my last MW appointment 3 weeks ago. Nor did I lose. It wasn't intentional, and I'm certainly not starving myself, so I'm happy with it.

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers for my college friend and her baby, born a full 2 months early (15 1/2 inches long; 2-pounds 13 ounces) last Friday. Both are doing well. It looks like her little boy has some jaundice but is otherwise doing very well for making such an early appearance. His proud papa even got to change his first messy diaper.

Of course, that has me thinking that I could find myself in labor at any moment, too. One of the other couples in my childbirth class mentioned laboring in a jacuzzi, and suggested renting one when I said how jealous I was (we have no jacuzzi or large tub). I looked online and found that I can buy a birthing tub for just $125! It's essentially a heavy-duty inflatable wading pool, but a little deeper than the kiddie pools you find in the toy store. I really like the idea of laboring at home (as long as I can) in a warm tub. We're only 15 minutes from the hospital, so as long as labor doesn't start until Ishka is truly ready to be born, this is our plan. There are tubs at the hospital, but they're only a little bigger than my own bathtub, and an inflatable wall/floor will be so much more cushy than whatever bathtubs are made of.

So, just about 10 weeks to go. Feeling great, worried about next-to-nothing. It's time to nest.

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IrishNYC said...

See if your nutritionist can give you any info regarding eating out. Mine gave me a little book that had nutritional info for every chain I ever came across. When it came to eating in independent restaurants, I just avoided anything that was obviously carby, like rice, potatoes, bread, since I knew there could be carbs hidden in other things on my plate. I never had a high reading when we went out to eat, except for a few times we went out for greek food and I couldn't keep myself away from the pita.

I ended up losing quite a bit of weight in my last tri, but I was overweight to begin with, so neither my OB nor endocrinologist were concerned as long as the baby was growing appropriately. I need to get back on the low carb bandwagon, because I think my weight is creeping back up and I'm not happy about it.