Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ah yes- the glucose test

I didn't take the glucose tolerance test yet. The whole point of doing it on Monday was so that I could drink the sugary drink before my MW appointment, then spend most of the one hour in the appointment rather than sitting around twiddling my thumbs. But (probably because of all the snow), the lab guy wasn't there before I went into my MW appointment. I didn't notice if he was there when I came out, but it didn't matter... by then, the whole time-saving (or less time-wasting) plan was shot. It's still a little early for the GTT, which I'm told should happen around 28 weeks. Since I have to visit the birth center at the hospital some time next week (or the week after) for a rhogam shot, and there's a lab in the hospital, I'll try to consolidate those into one trip. Even though my work would chalk the time out-of-office up to "sick leave," I hate wasting time. Sitting around for a solid hour doing nothing but waiting for the blood draw post-drink would drive me bonkers.

So, no results yet on the GD front. And I forgot to ask about additional ultrasounds. I was distracted by having to request a script for OTC pre-natal vitamins. My FSA rules changed in October (can they do that mid-year? doesn't seem right)- vitamins are no longer considered a "health expense" unless aimed at treating a specific condition and specifically recommended by a physician. I still have $35 to spend, so I want to stock up on some vitamins and have it reimbursed by my FSA.

In good news, and maybe this isn't news to most of you (but it was to me)- I was a little concerned that I've never received a bill from the MW's practice for all these monthly visits, so I asked at the registration desk. Apparently, there are no co-pays for pre-natal visits. Hurray! That's why I've decided to spend my last thirty-five FSA dollars on vitamins.


just me, dawn said...

wasn't that a nice thing to learn, no co-pays for prenatal? i guess that way women don't skip and cost the insurance company more just because they don't want to pay :)
fingers crossed you pass the glucose test.

IrishNYC said...

That's too bad that they make such an ordeal out of the glucose test. My OB sent me home with the drink at the appointment before with instructions to drink it and come right in and tell them what time I drank it so they could test me right away. When I failed that, then I had to go to the lab and stay there for 3 or 4 hours. Torture. Good luck, again!

Not having copays is indeed very nice! I didn't have them for my regular OB visits, but I did have to pay copays for my weekly special OB visit for the diabetes, and for my endocrinologist visits.

B. said...

Cheating is the only reason I can think of for them wanting me to drink the sugar-drink in front of the lab person. Considering that the test results potentially affect the health of the baby, who in their right mind would cheat? The same people who drink and smoke while pregnant? You're right IrishNYC, it does seem blown out of proportion... I mean they're trusting me to take my vitamins and eat healthily, so why not trust me on the timing of the drink too? I guess the professionals just want to control whatever they can.