Friday, August 21, 2009

tears in his eyes

We still haven't told any of my family and most of C's about the coming addition to our happy clan. I like the idea of telling them all at once (or as many as we can assemble), so we've invited everyone over for dinner on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I bought a couple of sweatshirts for us to wear for the occasion (I hope it cools off by then!)-

I think it'll be more fun watching who notices the words than if we just flat-out told everyone. The shirts arrived in yesterday's mail, so I opened them while dinner was cooking and showed them to C. In addition to our sweatshirts, I picked up a couple of onesies. I just couldn't resist. I tossed one to C so he could see what it looked like. Hi eyes welled up and his voice nearly cracked when he tossed it back to me saying, "You shouldn't show me baby clothes. You'll make me cry."

I've imagined for years how I would tell our family that we're expecting, and I get all teary and goose-bumpy just thinking about finally having the chance to actually do it. We have our first midwife appointment next week, and I'm erring on the side of hope by ignoring the possibility that anything bad could have happened since the last time I saw that tiny heartbeat.

Meanwhile, I am still hoping and praying for the IFfers who've suffered a miserable summer of losses and BFNs. I wish I could make us all pregnant. My commenting has dwindled recently, not because I stopped reading or caring but because I don't know if some folks want to hear words of encouragement from someone approaching "the other side." We're still a long way from holding a healthy baby... there's so much that could happen over the next 7 months. But we've jumped that first hurdle, and I understand the distance that creates from so many in the IF world. My thoughts are with all of you!


Eileen said...

LOVE those sweatshirts! What a great idea! Can't wait to hear about your family's reactions! Good luck. Have a blast!

Melissa said...

I had the same concerns about commenting but I thought how much everyone's words meant to me while TTC, no matter where they were in the process, so I decided to keep on commenting :)

IrishNYC said...

What a fun way to tell!

We told my in-laws at xmas eve dinner by giving them a card for "grandma and grandpa" and we mailed an aunt and uncle card to my S/BIL. The in-laws took a moment to figure it out.

When we first started TTC I bought a NY Mets baby outfit so that I could give it to DH to tell him. After so many years saving it, I just gave it to him after I showed him the pee stick.

I felt bad about commenting on other IF blogs at first, but I figured that everyone still needed the support, and I never would have not wanted to hear from someone else that had been there and gotten through it.

mekate said...

I love your Announcement idea! I think that is so sweet and so creative and fun.

And please do not worry about commenting "from the other side"-- listen, we all love words of encouragement, and just because you are wonderfully miraculously pregnant, does not mean you do not understand those who still struggle or those who are pregnant and scared. I'd bet your comments are welcome anywhere you feel comfortable commenting!

And your honey is a sweetie pie. How cute is that! taken down by a onesie!

warm wishes to you for happy continued success,