Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Looking forward to Thursday-

I'll reach the 10 week mark.
I'll have my first midwife appointment- and there'd better be an u/s or doppler because I need to see or hear that heartbeat.
The heat wave that has plagued the northeast will finally break, for real.

For the sake of remembering them later, here are the symptoms I've been experiencing lately-
* Still feeling "hungover" almost 24/7. The only real cure is to eat, but ironically food no longer appeals to me. I'm not opposed to food or eating, and haven't experienced any real aversions. Everything just kind of tastes bland to me. A piece of toast is as enticing as chicken piccata.
* Trouble sleeping through the night. Not because of the dire need to empty a bladder at 2 am, which I was warned to expect (and haven't experienced), but because I simply wake inexplicably in the middle of the night and then spend an hour or more trying to fall back to sleep. As a result, I'm perpetually sleepy. I'm hoping the cooler weather coming at the end of the week will help with this.
* I don't like coffee. The last cup I made for myself (iced, with a splash of light cream) about 4 weeks ago, I couldn't bring myself to drink. Not an aversion, I don't think,... it's just not appealing. I don't even enjoy the aroma of C's morning cuppa.
* Expanding midsection, but little-to-no weight gain so far. I don't know my starting weight, but I suspect I gained at least 5-10 pounds while stimming. I was weighed in the RE's office two days before ER to provide a basis for OHSS monitoring ("if you gain more than 3 pounds in 24 hours, call us"), then I lost 6 pounds during the TWW. Now, I'm hovering 3-6 pounds below the pre-ER weight, so essentially no change since the TWW. Meanwhile, none of my pants fit comfortably. Thank goodness for the Be-band. In another week or two, I'll start recording actual measurements, for my own sake. I have more formerly "too big" fall/winter clothes than summer ones, so I'm looking forward to coooler weather and the chance to wear them. My heat-wave wardrobe is pretty sparse, especially since much of it wouldn't fit without revealing more than I'm willing to exhibit at this point.

But now, I just want it to be Thursday. I want some reassurance that Ishkabibble is still alive and well inside me. And I want to sleep for an entire night under a blanket instead of on top of it.

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Gabby said...

thanks for commenting on my blog!

happy ICLW.. i am so excited that you are a success story!

i can't imagine how hard it must be to wait until thursday.. it's just one more day now and you will have such relief. looking forward to hearing the news!