Thursday, August 13, 2009

8w0d, 149bpm- all is well

I have several more blurry u/s images to scan, but again there's not much to see. I was slightly concerned about size since Ishka measured a day behind at the first u/s, but today the wee one measured two days ahead (8.3 weeks size at exactly 8 weeks). Heart rate was a stunning 149 bpm. My ovaries are still slightly enlarged thanks to all the stimming (thank goodness... I was afraid I was just getting fat because my jeans still aren't comfortable), but not alarmingly so. We've been officially released to the care of whomever we choose.

At the point where a normal patient would probably hug her RE, I just smiled, said "Thanks," and waltzed out the door. All-told, I met with this woman exactly 7 times over 13 months and she never participated in any of my procedures. I feel more like hugging Dr. Aggressive, who happened to be working the weekend of my 40-egg retrieval and who encouraged us to go ahead with the transfer in spite of the threat of OHSS. My own RE, even before anyone knew exactly how many eggs would be retrieved, had recommended "freeze all" in my chart (without mentioning it to me). The second RE who worked the day of my retrieval, who actually did my retrieval, was against transferring too. I feel so lucky that Dr. A was on that weekend, and that he was the one to call with my fertilization report and to explain my options. Everyone else wanted to freeze my embies and wait. Luckily, we didn't.

Not to mock fate or anything, but I did ask the RE when we might begin thinking about #2 and what protocol she would propose for that. If we return to the same office, we'll follow the same protocol as our successful cycle (long lupron cycle with Gonal-f). And I still have a few years before I reach their maximum age for own-egg cycles, 44.

But for now, and for the next year or so, my attention is totally on Ishkabibble. I have my first midwife appointment in two weeks (I hope there's an u/s involved!). I picked her practice because they work with the hospital in my town and have an office in the town where I work. If we click, I'll stick with her. If not, I'll search around for someone else. My focus now is on staying somewhat local (can't stand the thought of fighting rush-hour traffic while in labor) and finding a group that doesn't default to major interventions for delivery. Sure, I want an epidural and a c-section if they're necessary. But ONLY if they're necessary.

Other happy news today- the crinone ends in just two more weeks! Originally, I was instructed to continue with it through my 11th week, but the RE told me today to stop at 10 weeks. One week less is wonderful news.

I'm still not telling anybody else.


mekate said...

Congratulations on all of your wonderful news-- and your graduation. I am so glad things are going so well!

Wishing you all the best,

Melissa said...

YAY! what a successful day!! Congrats.

AshPash said...

Congratulations! Sending good wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Clio said...

wow great news on your baby. And how lucky that you definitely had this other RE doing your procedures. That was a great destiny intervention ;)
congrats on your graduation and good luck clicking with the right people to help you through the rest of you pregnancy.