Wednesday, March 11, 2009

timing is everything

I think we've all learned by now that timing is everything. We're all keeping our personal calendars, too, which sometimes preempts the calendar everyone else is following. Ask me what day it is and I catch myself thinking "CD20," then I have to think twice to figure out that it's March 11th to most people.

I called the other IF center today. I'm beginning to see that I didn't plan far enough ahead to transition seamlessly, without losing a month of trying. The earliest appointment I could find was 3/25. In my universe, that's likely to be CD3- the day I should start follistim for my first injectibles-IUI cycle. Once I start medication, I can't change doctors until the next cycle. To top it off, I expect C to be back to work in the next week or two, and the new doc wants C to attend the initial consult. We have no idea where C will be working, but he'd definitely have to take time off to make it to an appointment between 8:30 and 2. Unless he's on a night crew... hmm, with a shift differential and midday availability, I might like to see him work nights for a while. But we just don't know right now, and no one will say for certain when he'll be called back to work, let alone what shift he'll be on (or where in the state he'll be assigned). So many things are up in the air, and with thousands of construction workers unemployed right now, I don't want to send him to his first day of work with a note from his wife explaining that he should be excused early for a doctor's appointment. They'd laugh him right off the job site and fill his post with the next guy in the unemployment line.

I made an apointment anyway. One of the docs in the practice has "late" hours twice each month. Two problems with that, though... HE doesn't practice at their less-distant facility. And he's a HE. I'd only need to travel the extra 30 miles when I am seeing the doctor himself. All the monitoring could be done at the office that's only 10 miles further away than my current RE's office. I'm torn. I have an "evening" (6 PM) appointment for CD41 (aka. April 1st), but I'm not convinced yet that I should jump ship. Obviously I'd love to be pregnant by then, in which case it's all moot. But if I'm not, I'll need to get all my records to the new doc's office by 3/25. And then I'd have to spend the next cycle, my first on injectibles, with doc #1... after having all my records sent to a new doc. That sounds like going to a concert with an ex who wasn't an ex yet when you bought the tickets. Awkward.

All in all, I'm thinking of just staying put.

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